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Broadening the vision.

This is not an easily concept to come to terms with because we live in a broadband society and results are expected at the speed of light. On top of that, no one has come back and declared the aims we set out to achieve have been achieved.

The results we have seen have been within the four bodies of Us. The smallest change at one level for one person ripples out over their social network and over the fabric of time. It is a feeling, a knowing, or something you just cant put your finger on. But it is real and there is no doubt that you have changed for the better.

Through enjoying the experience of life, together we will explore how your mindfulness in this life has the potential to not only impact those here with you, but also on impact your own ascension in lives that follow. We will explore the outside world and take it within and then express it outwards again. We are here not to tell you the answers, but guide you in to a state of mind where your answers are revealed to you. It requires a leap of faith to walk through the door that we will show you. Whatever is on the other side just has to be remembered.