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Our Calling is a resource that empowers readers to develop their spiritual self through an awareness and application of consciousness concepts in their daily lives.

With diligent practice, contemplation and a vast array of spiritual tools, your self Truth will be revealed to you. It is your truth. Remember it and reveal it.

At, we embrace the building blocks of reality and explore the power of Thoughts, Words, and Actions and their impact on all aspects of our inner bodies and external environment.

We, therefore, come to terms with the idea of actively creating our own reality instead of just existing within it and work with energies of a purer frequency of Light to experience Oneness.

Our position is that we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience. Becoming more aware of our spiritual self through the nature of suffering, learning, remembering, and experience, each of us can realise a personal relationship with Source, Creator, Cosmic Consciousness, or whatever your concept of the Divine Being may be.

A personal relationship is within everyone’s reach and is not reserved for the those who study hidden teachings or forego the experience of life itself. is about the journey. It is also about the experience of the journey. Ultimately,  it is about the experiencing the experience. It is about remembering who you are, not learning who you were.

The personal relationship with the Divine found not in books but in your heart. Together, we will share the experience.  is my gift to you. We fully recognise that Source is experienced in every aspect of life.. Even if your top priority at the present moment is not to develop spirituality, your experience of Source, and the ideas here, are experienced in the way that is right for you.

You are like a diamond and spirituality is just one facet of it.