February 24, 2024

Energy Consciousness: Reclaim your Birthright

By John

Featured Image by reenablack from  Pixabay

Is your spiritual development lacking a clear structured pathway?

Mine was.

Back when I started to develop properly, some fifty years ago, there wasn’t anywhere that I could go to develop. I had to sit in the corner of the library, scanning books, hoping to find one that would give me a good idea of where to practice next.

Now, with the internet, you would have thought that easy access to information would have solved this problem. But it hasn’t.


In fact, it has probably made it worse.

Now, there is too much information, and it is all over the place.


Everywhere you turn, there is this exercise, that exercise, it is hardly surprising that you feel like you don’t know who to follow for the best. Spiritual development is a personal thing. The latest guru’s tips and tricks may help, or they may not. So, you bounce, from one to another, never really sticking to a program, wondering why things aren’t going as planned.


That’s why I wrote this book. The book I wanted but could never find.


If only I had a book that would point me in the right direction. A book that gave me a sense of direction, a sense of purpose.

So, I wrote it.

I thought if I wrote a book that I never had, then someone would benefit from it because it would collapse time for them. It would remove all the headaches of trying to work out what to do for the best, and where to turn.

I thought the best way to start would be from the beginning. Even if you are not entirely brand new to working with your energy body, this book will do you some good.


By purchasing Energy Consciousness: Reclaim your Birthright, you will

  • Learn the core fundamentals of spiritual development.
  • How to open, close, protect, and ground.
  • How to get into a flow state, naturally.
  • How to strengthen your energy field.
  • How to control energy and direct it to either yourself, someone, somewhere or some when else.
  • Understand how positive energy transfer can make a difference to people, places, and events and how to perform it safely.
  • Learn how to and when to use the imagination so effectively that friends and family may notice a difference in you.
  • Discover your purpose.
  • Lead and inspire others by bringing order to chaos. 


This book is the book I wish I had. If you are serious about following this path, then it is laid out for you.