cavemen arround a fire
February 25, 2024

What is Consciousness

By John


Consciousness is like the secret sauce of the universe – it’s everywhere, in everything, and it’s like this massive playground of endless possibilities. It’s all about trying to figure itself out, you know? Like, looking in the mirror and going, “Whoa, who am I?”

Now, depending on what you believe in, this consciousness thing might be your go-to source, your big guy upstairs, or just some super smart cosmic being. But hey, no matter what background you’re from, we can all agree that this big cheese is way beyond what our brains can wrap around.

But here’s the twist: throughout history, different groups have tried to claim ownership of this cosmic wonder, and boy, has it caused a heap of trouble! We’re talking about land grabs, wars, and all sorts of chaos – all because some folks thought they had the inside scoop on how to dial up this supreme being.

Now, think about it: back in the caveman days, do you reckon our ancestors were fretting over religious rulebooks like we do now? Nah, they were more like, “Let’s find some food, avoid getting eaten, and maybe build a cosy cave.” The whole idea of looking up and wondering about a higher power probably came much later.

But then, bam! Once people started buying into this whole idea of a supreme being, things took a wild turn. Suddenly, there were these fancy rituals and ceremonies, all decked out with robes and candles, and only the “holy” crew could perform them.

And honestly, to me, most of these rituals seem like they’re playing to the ancient, primal parts of our brain. They’re all about showmanship and trying to flex some religious muscle.

But hey, maybe it’s time we step back and rethink things. Maybe it’s time to strip away the fancy robes and get back to basics – you know, reconnecting with our inner selves and each other. Maybe that’s the real key to unlocking the magic of consciousness.