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At, we believe in the power of sharing knowledge and insights to inspire and uplift others on their spiritual journey. We welcome website owners and bloggers to curate and share our content, provided they adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Attribution:

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4. No Alterations:

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5. Limited Excerpts:

  • When curating articles or blog posts, website owners should limit the use of excerpts to a reasonable length. While we encourage sharing insights, excessive copying of content may infringe on copyright laws.

6. Notification:

  • While not mandatory, we appreciate it when website owners notify us of curated content. This allows us to engage with our community and share the curated content through our channels, further amplifying its reach.

7. Removal Requests:

  • If at any time we believe that our content is being used inappropriately or without proper attribution, we reserve the right to request its removal from third-party websites. Website owners are expected to comply with such requests promptly.

8. Creative Commons Licence


By adhering to these guidelines, website owners can curate and share content responsibly while contributing to a positive and collaborative online community.

Thank you for your interest in sharing our content. Together, we can inspire and empower individuals on their spiritual journey.